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In conjunction with Kansas and Johnson County reopening plans, some City facilities are scheduled to reopen soon. Others will remain closed until further notice.

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Mental Health Task Force accepting applications

Overland Park is accepting applications for members of the City’s first mental health task force through March 10.

The group will develop recommendations to support and equip public service personnel in managing situations involving critical mental health needs.

“Together, with the right tools and information, we can work to achieve a cutting edge approach to our public safety services by employing proven, supportive intervention strategies to individuals in crisis, while maintaining the safety of those who serve and protect us,” said Police Chief Frank Donchez.

Task Force Creation

City Council approved the creation of the Overland Park Mental Health Task Force on February 17. The task force will be led by Council Member Chris Newlin.

The task force will include representatives from various departments in the City, community partners, including Johnson County Med-Act and Johnson County Mental Health Center, and the public. Ultimately, this will include task force members from civil rights advocacy groups and representatives from medical fields, legal or justice fields, and the local business community.

Diversity of representation on the Mental Health Task Force is important as the group will need to combine key perspectives, skills, and experiences to achieve the goal of developing effective recommendations to implement across the City’s service areas.

Eligibility + Applications

Applications for the mental health task force closed March 10.