Mayor, Police Chief react to death of George Floyd, protests

Mayor Carl Gerlach issued the following statement in conjunction with Police Chief Frank Donchez.

Over the past week across this great nation we have seen a diverse gathering of compassionate citizens rightfully demanding justice and equal treatment for all.

Overland Park Police Chief Frank Donchez and I, as Mayor of Overland Park, want to add our voices and express our grief over the tragic and indefensible death of Mr. George Floyd.

We respect those who wish to lawfully express their opinion and thoughts through peaceful public demonstrations, the type of expression that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. advocated for and proudly and effectively showed us how.

We all should be civilly engaged in these conversations to find ways to remove systemic discrimination in our society.

Whether in Overland Park, or in any city in the metropolitan Kansas City area and across this nation, we must strive to build strong community relationships between our law enforcement organizations and the citizens they are sworn to protect.

Police Chief Donchez and his department have taken a strong stance against biased behavior. The department has a strong relationship with many diverse community groups.

If for any reason someone believes they have been mistreated by an Overland Park police officer, please let us know immediately. The city will fully investigate all complaints and take appropriate action.

Police Chief Donchez and I will continue to work with our community partners and the City Council to guarantee we work closely together to prevent any kind of injustice and ensure equal treatment for all.