License your furry friend by the end of June

It’s time to license your furry friend! A pet license is required for all cats and dogs in Overland Park, to keep your pets and the public safe and healthy. With the registration deadline coming up on June 30, learn more about pet licensing, why it’s important and the many ways you can register your pet.

How does pet licensing work?

First, you must submit registration for your pets through the City Clerk’s Office (you can do so online or physically fill out this form). Around four weeks after submitting your registration, you’ll receive a tag in the mail from the City, which you’ll attach to your pet’s collar.

Why is a pet license important?

  • It keeps your pet and the public safe from rabies (proof of rabies vaccination is required)
  • It helps animal control reunite lost pets with their owners (using the license tag)

When do I need to get a pet license?

All cats and dogs must be registered by the time they turn six months old, or within 30 days of being brought into Overland Park. Once you get a pet license, you must renew it annually. Renewal statements are mailed at the beginning of each year.

How many pets can I license?

You can have up to two dogs and/or two cats at your residence, and they must all be licensed. If you would like to have more, you must apply for a special animal permit.

What does it cost to license my pet?

The fee is $10 for each spayed or neutered pet or $20 for each non-spayed or non-neutered pet.

When is the deadline to license my pet?

Register for your pet license by June 30, or you’ll incur a $20 fee per pet in addition to the licensing fee.

How can I register for a pet license?

Submitting registration is convenient and easy. You can do so in one of these ways:

  • Online via our ePlace portal
  • Mail your registration to the City Clerk’s Office at City Hall (8500 Santa Fe)
  • Walk-in payment at the City Clerk window
  • Drop-box outside the City Hall entrance (to the left of the front doors)