Health advisory lifted for Tomahawk Creek due to sewer line break

The Johnson County Department of Health and Environment has lifted a public health advisory for a section of Tomahawk Creek recently contaminated by wastewater. Last week, residents and their pets in the area surrounding 123rd and Metcalf were advised to avoid the water due to a County sewer line break.

On Tuesday, June 15, Johnson County Wastewater learned about the break, posted signage in the area and began working on the fix. Wastewater staff tested the water quality daily and have determined the bacteria levels are now back to normal.

After learning about the break, Wastewater staff stopped the flow of wastewater into the creek. They then began flushing the wastewater into the downstream sanitary sewer system. Construction crews will continue to replaced the damaged line with new pipe and will weather-proof it with concrete. The broken sewer line was likely damaged by heavy rain.

The City’s stormwater interns initially discovered the break during routine water quality sampling. They noticed the creek water had turned a dark grey color and smelled sulfuric. Learn more about their role in identifying the wastewater leak so the County could address the problem.

For more information about the sewer line break, please call Kenny Kellison, Operations & Maintenance Director with Johnson County Wastewater, at 913-715-8604.