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Overland Park offers a free voluntary e-mail service to anyone wanting to learn more about activities, events and emergency operations.

Under this voluntary system, you have sole control to subscribe and unsubscribe at any time using a link within the e-mails.

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E-Newsletter Options:

  • City Source - This weekly Wednesday newsletter highlights one or two current events.
  • Press Releases - Get your news straight from the source! These notices are word-for-word what media representatives receive announcing events, projects, story ideas or emergency information.
  • Overview - Receive the residents' quarterly newsletter in a colorful electronic format.
  • EcoConnect - This newsletter features environmental events and encouraging stories that keep you connected to your city and community.
  • Job Opportunities - Find out about new city job openings first! This e-mail is sent out once a week, generally on Monday.
  • City Council Agendas - This brief notice generally goes out three times a month and alerts residents of when the City Council agenda is posted online.
  • City Council Action Summaries - These are summaries of action taken at City Council meetings (also known as "Action Sheets"). They are sent out within three days of a City Council meeting.
  • Planning Commission Agendas/Results - This notice generally goes out four times a month to alert residents of when the Planning Commission agenda and the meeting results are posted online.
  • Orange Barrel Alerts/Reports - Keep updated on road construction projects and closures. Updated messages will be sent out as necessary.
  • Vision Metcalf Updates - This newsletter features periodic information regarding Vision Metcalf.

Parks & Recreation e-newsletter Sign-upRecreation News eNewsletter

  • League Updates - Stay up-to-date with league information (basketball, volleyball, and softball)
  • Parks & Recreation Updates - Includes news from both Community Centers (MRCC & TRCC), Arts, Family events.
  • Pools - includes special events, swim lessons, and more.
  • Farmers' Market

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  • News from the Golf Division - This newsletter features information about the city's golf courses (emailed more often during the golf season).
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Note: The city's e-newsletters are sent out using a third-party service. Some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) may block messages sent to their subscribers via this or other messaging services. This is done to spare consumers from unwanted e-mail, or spam. No solicitations will be sent to your e-mail address, only official city information you have requested. Please contact your ISP to modify your e-mail preferences if you have difficulty receiving the e-newsletters.