Community outreach begins on possible U.S. 69 improvement project

If you drive U.S. 69, you probably have some thoughts about traffic.

The Kansas Department of Transportation, in partnership with the City of Overland Park, is hosting virtual meetings so you can learn more about 69 Express, the U.S. 69 Expansion Project.

Currently, officials are engaged in an in-depth study of how to best reduce congestion, improve public safety and increase travel time on U.S. 69 from 103rd to 179th streets.

The U.S. 69 corridor is one of the state’s busiest four-lane highways, with heavy congestion peaking during morning and evening rush hours. Not to mention, it is a main artery spanning all Overland Park.

Express toll lanes under consideration

Possible improvements to U.S. 69 include the addition of a single lane in each direction. Part of the evaluation includes possibly making the new lane in each direction an express toll lane, where drivers would have an option to pay a toll to use the new lane. No toll would be assessed for use of the existing two lanes in each direction, as directed by state law.

Get involved

State and city officials want to hear from the public and those who use U.S. 69 regarding expansion and possible funding options. No decision has been made on the U.S. 69 Expansion Project.

There are three opportunities for you to learn about the project:

  • A virtual information open house will be available Jan. 18-31 on the project website. You can visit at your convenience.
  • A live virtual meeting from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. Thursday, Jan.. 21, where project representatives will provide a short presentation and you will have a chance to ask questions. Visit the project website for additional information.
  • Sign up to receive e-newsletters about the project.