City drops CARES funding request for soccer complex livestream system

Overland Park will no longer pursue federal CARES funding for use at the Scheels Overland Park Soccer Complex due to an anticipated shortened time frame to implement the project.

Overland Park Ward 6 Council Member Scott Hamblin advised the City Manager that he intends to notify the City Council at Monday’s Nov. 2, regular City Council meeting that he will introduce at the Nov. 16 City Council meeting a motion to rescind the Council’s authorization for the Mayor to execute an agreement regarding the soccer complex video broadcasting project using CARES funding. Pending this consideration, no work on camera installation would begin prior to Nov 17.

Due to the requirement that all work funded by CARES be completed by Dec. 30, 2020, Overland Park officials believe the work could not be completed by the deadline.

Under an allocation of CARES Act funds from Johnson County, designated only for municipal operations, Overland Park proposed installation of a video broadcasting technology for remote viewing of matches at the soccer complex. Live broadcasting would provide a safe alternative and allow family, friends and others to watch rather than attend a game and minimize exposure and transmission of COVID-19.

The City does not plan to take further action to complete the project and no CARES Act funding will be used for it.


Meg Ralph Digital Communications Supervisor City Manager’s Office 913-895-6160