City Council approves 2023 strategic goals

The Overland Park City Council has formally approved a set of strategic goals for the upcoming year.

City Manager Lori Curtis Luther proposed the goals to Mayor Curt Skoog and the City Council at last night’s City Council meeting. 

The plan is the result of a goal-setting workshop in October, where all members of the Governing Body shared their priorities for the community.

The goals include:

  1. Safe and healthy neighborhoods
  2. High quality of life
  3. Infrastructure and connectivity
  4. Government accountability

Wrapping around each of the goals is a strategic framework that focuses on Overland Park being a welcoming community focused on diversity, equity and inclusion; and a sustainable community, focused on social, environmental and economic elements that meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

“I commend Lori on finding a consensus for us all to work toward,” said Mayor Curt Skoog. “Many of us would like to do more beyond this list, but this document encapsulates the consensus we came to at the end of our goal-setting meeting and gives us a solid plan for the coming year.”

Along with City staff, City Manager Lori Curtis Luther developed the goals based on feedback from the October workshop and other inputs, including the 2021 Citywide Survey, Forward OP, existing budget priorities and the 2019 Governing Body goals.

In the strategic goal document, each area includes a list of initiatives and projects for 2023, including focusing on responses to mental health related issues, updating the Parks and Recreation master plan, implementing Infrastructure Adviory Group recommendations and reducing reliance on chip seal over time, and attracting and retaining City employees.

Goal area projects are not inclusive of all the City’s projects and priorities but include many items that are of interest to the community.

Read the entire 2023 Strategic Goals document or watch the City Council discussion on the strategic goals.


Meg Ralph Communications and Media Relations Manager City Manager’s Office 913-895-6160