Be Severe Weather Ready This Spring

Spring is nearly here, which also means the start of severe weather season. To promote diligent planning for inclement weather, the National Weather Service has designated March 6 – March 10 as Severe Weather Preparedness Week. Be safe this severe weather season by staying informed and preparing for the most common types of severe weather in our area.

The first line of defense during a severe weather threat is the ability to quickly access information. According to the National Weather Service, tornado sirens are designed only to alert those who are outside. Make sure you are able to access weather alerts when inside a home or business. 

Stay informed indoors by:

  • Setting up a weather radio in your home.
  • Downloading a weather app on your mobile device and turning on notifications.
  • Signing up for NotifyJoCo to receive time sensitive alerts, including weather warnings.

Severe weather can create hazardous conditions such as damaging winds, hail, lightning, flooding and tornados. If severe weather develops while you are driving, find shelter quickly and avoid driving across flooded streets. The safest place to be during severe weather is indoors.

Prepare your family and your home for severe weather by:

  • Designating the safest place in your house for your family to go in the event of a tornado. This should be in the lowest level of your residence, away from doors and windows.
  • Talking to your family about what to do when severe weather strikes, and practicing your family’s severe weather response plan.
  • Making sure you have flashlights and batteries in the event you lose electricity.

Use Severe Weather Preparedness Week as your opportunity to plan ahead. Find additional information on the Johnson County Severe Weather Guide and the National Weather Service website.