As playoff football nears, watch out for illegal merch vendors

You’re driving down a City street, and you notice a stand selling Kansas City Chiefs gear that isn’t usually there. Stands like these pop up across the metro during the playoffs, scattered throughout parking lots and on street corners. In Overland Park, there are specific requirements in order for the vendors to operate legally.

Vendors who sell temporarily in these outdoor locations are considered transient merchants, as defined in Section 5.70 of the City Code. In order to legally sell as a transient merchant, the vendor must first get a license through the City Clerk’s Office.

The merchant licensing process makes sure the vendor is following operating requirements, put in place to protect shoppers and keep the public safe. However, the City does not have a role in determining whether items sold by permitted vendors are endorsed by the NFL or “NFL official merchandise.”

Vendors must sell in specific areas zoned for transient merchants, with authorization from the property owner. Other requirements, include:

  • Allowing sufficient and accessible parking
  • Operating no more than 30 minutes before sunrise or after sunset
  • Limiting structures to 120 square feet in area
  • Limiting signage to 16 square feet in area
  • Offering receipts with purchases

The Municipal Code includes these requirements to ensure these facilities are safe and clean, do not disrupt the flow of traffic or the neighborhood atmosphere. The requirements also allow the City to ensure merchants are practicing responsible business.

If you stop at a stand and are wondering if it’s operating legally, look for a license on display. The merchant is required to display it in plain view while operating.

See a merch stand that doesn’t appear to have a license? Please report it to Community Services by filing an OPCares request or calling 913-895-6270.