Consultant recommends Farmers’ Market improvements

February 6, 2018

Overland Park is studying possible options for improvement and expansion of the Overland Park Farmers' Market.

Consultant group Market Ventures researched possible options for the Farmers' Market, from improving to expanding or moving the current Market site. 

After public and vendor input meetings and a presentation to the Community Development Committee in 2017, a consultant presented its findings to City Council members and the public on February 5, 2018.

A summary of the consultant's recommendations:

  1. Construct a new expanded, enclosable pavilion in Santa Fe Commons Park, as part of the park's renovation, featuring a wood and stone design;
  2. Develop new parking capacity south of 80th Street;
  3. Improve pedestrian streetscape to connect Santa Fe Commons Park with the current Market site and Santa Fe Drive north of 80th Street;
  4. Address the existing pavilion's critical maintenance issues while exploring long-range solutions;
  5. Create a mobility hub around the existing bus stop on Marty;
  6. Gradually increase the number of vendors and allow larger produce vendors to utilize more space;
  7. Enhance social media, particularly with more information about parking;
  8. Explore development of new Farmers' Market in south Overland Park;
  9. Create more accessible parking and a product drop zone adjacent to the existing pavilion;
  10. Secure shared parking opportunities with owners of nearby parking lots;
  11. Create a biking promotion program with gift cards or a raffle drawing.

View the consultant's presentation online.

No action was taken at February's meeting. City Council members directed staff to continue researching options for the market. Currently there is no money budgeted to complete any of the four proposals.

The Farmers’ Market is a vital part of Downtown Overland Park and will remain there. No location beyond Downtown Overland Park was considered as part of the project, and any action taken will ensure the continued viability of the Market.


Doug Johnson 913-895-6209