Artwork Needed for City Hall Renovation Project

July 13, 2017

City HallThe City of Overland Park has begun a renovation project of various offices at City Hall. Acquiring artwork will be a key component of this process.

The City will purchase wall-mounted art for the interior public spaces of the building, including a statement piece for the atrium ceiling. Overland Park also seeks one non-monumental outdoors element to be placed outside the City Hall entrance.

Art sought will either reflect the precision associated with city planning, our area’s beauty, and our citizenry. More details on the installation sites are available in the Call for Artists.

Artists and gallery representatives wishing to see the public space may do so during regular business hours, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. As renovation work progresses some of these areas will be off-limits. Overland Park City Hall is located at 8500 Santa Fe Drive. To schedule an appointment for a walk through contact Julie Bilyea at 913-344-8656.

Artists and gallery representatives may submit a proposal for the City Hall Renovation Project online.


Julie Bilyea 913-344-8656