Top Accident Intersections

Each year, the city ranks the top accident locations based on statistics from the police department. Staff uses this information to identify locations where extra police attention or engineering countermeasures, including traffic calming measures, may be needed.

By focusing attention on these high accident locations, the city is able to reduce the number and frequency of accidents.

* Each link opens an Adobe Acrobat PDF map of the intersection with plotted accident locations.

2010 Number of Accidents
1Quivira & 106th352121
2Metcalf & 75th311832
3College & Quivira293226
4Nall & 119th282630
5Quivira & 103rd272016
6Quivira & 135th261813
 Antioch & 119th261025
 Blue Valley Pkwy & 123rd261613
 Pflumm & 119th261527
10Blue Valley Pkwy & 119th252426
11Pflumm & 135th241420
 Metcalf & 119th242029
 Frontage & 75th242430
14Metcalf & 135th233427
 Quivira & 95th232623
16College & Metcalf222624
17Metcalf & 95th212421
18Metcalf & 76th2076
19Metcalf & 151st192125
 Antioch & 95th191714

* 2008-2010 accident numbers include adjoining cities where applicable.