Maps & Stats

  • During inclement weather, residents can follow snow removal progress with the interactive storm response map.

  • What's Happening In My Neighborhood

    Search many of the city's demographic statistics filtered by your specific area.

  • Demographics and Statistics

    A suburb of the greater Kansas City metropolitan area, Overland Park has a population of more than 187,730.

  • Interactive Maps

    Users can interact with these maps by zooming to a particular location, adjusting what information is shown, and then querying for detailed information about that location(s).

    Printable Maps

  • Zoning Map

    Interact with an easy to read map that zooms down to street level displaying zoning areas.

  • Property Map

    View streets and property lines, along with address and parcel ID information.

  • Crime Map

    The crime map is designed to make it easier to visualize and understand crime trends in Overland Park.

  • Floodplain Map

    View approximate floodplain boundaries in relation to buildings and property lines.

  • Top Accident Locations

    View maps of the top 25 accident locations in Overland Park based on statistics from the Police Department.