Temporary Food Service Permit

All temporary food service operations in Overland Park that do not serve prepackaged foods, such as chips and candy bars, from an approved source need a temporary food service permit.

Applications must be returned to Community Services, upper level of the Myron E. Scafe Building, 8500 Antioch Road, two weeks prior to an event. After the application has been approved by the code compliance officer, a $10 permit fee is due.

The permit is valid for the duration of the special event.

Establishments with a current year-round food service permit may hold outdoor events at their licensed establishments without obtaining a temporary food service permit.

What may I serve with my temporary food service permit?

In order to minimize risk, most temporary food service operations are restricted to items requiring minimal on-site preparation such as hot dogs, bratwurst and similarly cased products.

If you wish to serve items requiring more on-site preparation, you will need to call 913-895-6270 and discuss your proposed menu with a code compliance officer. Menus of operators with a regular year-round food service permit may be more extensive, if the items can be prepared and served safely.