Special Event: Private

The City of Overland Park requires special event permits for private outdoor events in commercial areas. Private events in residential areas require a permit only if they include tent(s) over 900 sq ft.

A wedding and/or reception is considered a private party which is a allowed in a residential backyard without a permit if it doesn't include a  tent over 900 sq ft.

Event Consideration

There are two areas you should be aware of in order to have your event go smoothly.  First, all outdoor activity is subject to the City's noise regulation.  As a practical matter, the noise ordinance is normally enforced only upon complaint so there are two steps suggested: 
  1. Limit late night noise.  An afternoon event is much less likely to generate a complaint than one which goes on till midnight.  At the very least, plan on reducing noise levels as it gets later.
    • Talk with your neighbors.  Most people are fairly understanding of one-time events such as a wedding if they know what to expect in advance.  Explain what you would like to do and respond to their concerns as best as you can.  Hopefully there will not be any complaints, but if the Police Department receives a complaint you will have to reduce noise levels to comply with the ordinance.
  2. Parking.  Most residential areas are not designed to accommodate the number of cars that will be generated by a large event.  On-street parking is open to anyone to use, but to minimize problems you might encourage guests to carpool.  The most common complaints are concerns that emergency vehicles will not be able to get through if cars are parked on both sides of a street, and complaints that a driveway is being blocked by parked cars.  Again, talk with your neighbors and ask them to contact you if they see parking problems rather than call the Police.

Tent or Recreational Fire (Fire Pits)

Tent Permit Required
A tent over 900 sq ft (30x30) or larger; or a tent is smaller but it has sides
  • Tent: The applicant must provide tent location and a tent flame retardant certificate during the online application.

Recreational Fire

For a fire pit, you can have a recreational fire which is no larger than a 3 ft x 2 ft fire. You may only burn dry seasoned fire wood - nothing else, no trash, no lumber, etc. If you are planning on a fire larger than that, you will need to submit an online burn permit so the area can be inspected by a fire inspector to make sure you have clearance prior to your event.


Commercial event using a  sign or banner requires a Private Special Event permit. You must provide the location sketch and size of sign/banner.

  • Single Sign/Banner Permit - Attached to building
  • Multiple Devices/Gadgets - Not attached to building

Online Application

This application is available online using the ePlace website. Apply > Permits > Special Event: Private