Special Event: Community

The Community Event permit is for events that are open to the general community such as a run/walk/race, trade shows, festival, concert, parade, sporting event, etc. Refer to Municipal Code 18.380 for more details on Special Events. (For block parties, please see block party permit.)

Only one application is needed if you have one or more of the following activities at your event.  However, depending on the activities requested additional permits (other than the blanket special event permit) must be received prior to hosting your event.

  • Electrical Service (temporary generator)
  • Emergency Medical Service "EMS" (other than 911 service)
  • Fireworks (separate permit)
  • Music - Amplified
  • Parade / Run
  • Temporary signs, banners, inflatables (separate permit)
  • Stages
  • Tents (over 900 sq ft) (separate permit)

If the event includes serving alcohol or food, additional permit applications must be submitted.

  • Food: Temporary Food Vendor permit (completed by food vendor)
  • Temporary Liquor License
  • Inflatables*: A state license will be required prior to city permit issuance.
    • Attention*: Bounce houses, inflatables rides, etc. are subject to the Kansas Amusement Ride Act and will require proof of compliance with this Act through the submission of a State permit/license number prior to any City approval. (See K.S.A 44-1601 et seq. or contact the Kansas Department of Labor for details at 785-296-4386 ext 2310).
    • Inflatables are not allowed in city parks.

Documentation Requirements

Before issuance of permit, there are required documents that the applicant must provide. All necessary documentation should be uploaded at the time when submitting the application. You may select "Save Draft" to save your work to retrieve your documentation or if you do not have the required documentation at the time of submitting your application, you may return to your online permit through ePlace and upload the these documents under "Attachments" under permit details (excludes site plan). 

  • Site or Floor Plan, Property Owner Authorization, description of your event (cannot submit application without uploading a site plan)
  • Parade / Run: Map or Parade/Run Route
  • Tent Permit: Tent location(s), flame retardant certificate (if larger than 900 sq ft.)
  • EMS on Your Own:  Medical Plan
  • Signs/Banners:  Sketch Plan
  • Inflatables: State license

Follow Permit Status

You can follow the permit process through ePlace. Locate your permit to check issuance of main permit and the status of additional permits. If more information is needed, refer to the "Submittals" tab.

Issuance of Permits

Depending on the activities requested for your event, there will be several separate permits issued after the initial special event permit is issued. For example, a separate tent permit will be issued if it was requested; providing proper documentation was received and the tent passed inspection.

All permits issued will be available under "Attachments" on this permit as well as be emailed to the applicant.


Fees vary depending on your event activities and will be applied throughout the permit process.  All fees can be paid online. (Below are estimated fees only.)

  • Promotional Activities (1st & 2nd) = $125
  • Promotional Activities (3 or more) = $250
  • Parade/Run = $50 (See Personnel Costs: Resolution No. 4411)
  • Fireworks = $100
  • Tent = No Charge
  • Food Vendor = $10/vendor (paid by vendor)
  • Sign - Single Banner or Temporary Sign (1st & 2nd) = $35
  • Sign - Single Banner or Temporary Sign (3 or more) = $70
  • Signs - Multiple Devices/ Gadgets (1st & 2nd) = $50
  • Signs - Multiple Devices/Gadgets (3 or more) = $100
  • Electrical = Fees dependent on usage
  • Temporary Liquor License - Fees
  • EMS = $45/hr per paramedic + 1 hr set-up/down (varies depending on event size)
  • Police Personnel = Fees vary depending on event size/date (call 913-327-6504 for quote)
  • Public Works Personnel = (varies depending on street closures)

Development Service Fees: Resolution 3894


How to Submit an Application Online

Go to ePlace

Create or login to ePlace. (See instructions)

  1. Apply > Event Community
  2. Enter event address by clicking + to search address (enter a portion of the address using abbreviations for no punctuation [i.e. 8500 W 95]. Do not enter Terrace, Street, etc., but you can use Ter, St, Blvd without punctuation)
  3. Emergency Contact:  Click + to add an emergency contact
  4. Complete online form (fields in red are required)
  5. Attachments:  Please attach all required documents regarding your request by clicking +. (see above requirements)
  6. Summary: Review form
  7. Submit:  Send form


Pay Fees Online

After the permit clerk processes your application, an invoice will be generated and emailed to the applicant. Log in to your ePlace account to pay.

  • My Work > My Invoices
  • Select desired invoice to add to your cart.