Special Event Permits

Special events are temporary, short-term uses of property, signage or promotional devices that are not normally allowed without a permit. Examples include promotional events and devices, temporary signs, tents, runs, etc. See OPMC 18.380.

There are seven types of Special Event Permits available. For events with multiple activities such as tents, signage, food, EMS, etc. applicants can complete one application (unless otherwise noted) to receive several individual permits.

Select the desired permit type for more details as well as understand what is required when submitting an application online through the ePlace website. ePlace Instructions for completing online..

Special Event Permits (SEP) are defined as:

  1. Community Event:  Events open to the community such as a festival, concert, parade, run/race, sporting event, etc. (may include signs/banners, tents, food, etc.)
  2. Block Party/Street Closure:  Neighborhood block parties or street closure other than for a run/race (may include signs/banners, tents, food, etc.).
  3. Private Event:  Event that is not open to the public which may include a tent 900 square feet or larger, or promotional banners (i.e., corporate event, backyard wedding, reception, etc.).
  4. Promotional Activities:  A large promotional event includes, but is not limited to, tent sales, temporary structures, inflatable objects larger than eight cubic feet including promotional devices, bounce houses or other inflatable rides, animated devices, projected images, search lights or other promotional events intended to attract attention to a business or product. Signs and banners may also be part of these events. 
  5. Sign - Single Banner or Temporary Sign: Placement of a single banner or temporary sign attached TO a building.
  6. Signs - Multiple Devices/Gadgets: Placement of multiple signs, devices, or gadgets (e.g., sky dancer). A DETACHED sign/banner.
  7. Temporary Food Vendor: All temporary food vendors offering services at a special event must have an individual food vendor permit before participating in the event. (This does not include food trucks that are yearly licensed with the City of Overland Park.)
Additional Permits
  • If the event includes food or alcohol an additional permit/license application is required in addition to the Special Event permit.
  • Bounce houses, inflatables, etc. at public events will require a State permit in accordance with K.S.A. 44-1001.  A city permit will not be issued without evidence of a State permit. Inflatables are not allowed in City parks.


Permit Guidelines

City staff can approve up to four (4) events per commercial business and two (2) events per residential event per location in any combination per calendar year. City Council approval will be required for additional events and events which may generate a large crowd, excessive noise, late-night activity or involve major structures or a wide variety of attention attracting devices. If Council approval is needed, additional time will be required to process these permits.

The applicant for a special event permit must be a member of the business or organization that owns or leases space at the location where the event is to be held. The event must be related to the applicant's organization or be a fundraising activity for charity.

In support of your request, most event types require a sketch plan of the event activities, a description of the event and property owner approval..

  • A special event permit cannot be used to allow a business to operate at a location where it does not have tenant space or a permanent facility.


Special Considerations

Religious Institutions

May display up to three temporary signs, up to 50 square feet in area, to promote events taking place on-site. All temporary signs must be located 10 feet from any property line. No permit is required. All other outside events are subject to a special event permit.

Private and Public Schools, Non-profit and Neighborhood Organizations

All events require a permit. Up to four permits may be issued per location, per calendar year. Fund-raising activities may also occur at the location of a sponsoring organization, as a permit for the sponsoring organization.


Special Event Permit Not Required

Transient Merchants

The sale of services or merchandise at a location other than a normal business location cannot be approved as a Special Event Permit. Contact the City Clerk’s office at 913-895-6150 for details regarding Transient Merchant licensing requirements. See Chapter 5.70 of the Municipal Code


No permit is required for persons dressed in costume/uniforms, provided that no sign or attention-attracting devices related to a specific product, service, business or organization are utilized.



If after reviewing the different types of special event permits and you are unsure what type of permit to submit for our event, contact the City Clerk's Office at 913-895-6150 or send an email to ePlaceHelp@opkansas.org.