Right-Of-Way (ROW) Permits


Effective Jan. 16, 2017, Overland Park's permit fee calculation method is no longer be based on the type of work being performed, but rather on the number of addresses or parcels impacted.

The public right-of-way generally is the area 10 feet behind the curb toward the homeowner's property.

Permits are required for all work in the right-of-way except for work that has been permitted under other city permits and for right-of-way users performing routine service operations that do not require excavation in the right-of-way and do not disrupt traffic for more than four hours.

  • Apply for permit online through ePlace.

Replacement of a commercial or residential driveway or installation of a sprinkler system in the right-of-way does require a permit.


In addition to the permit application, contractors also must provide an insurance certificate, liability insurance and surety bond. Surety bonds based on the number of permits per year and schedule of right-of-way fees are listed below.  Paper permit application

Schedule of Right-of-Way Fees

Permit and Inspection Fee:  $40 per address/parcel impacted.
Excavation Fee (Applicable to street cuts): Equal to the cost per square yard for streets, overlays and sealcoats x Depreciation Rate x Area of Influence. This will be calculated by the City Engineer based on the information provided in the permit application. (See Appendix for details on calculation of excavation costs).
Double Permit and Inspection Fee: Permit and Inspection Fee shall double if a ROW user is found to have worked or is working in the public right-of-way without first having obtained a permit. Emergency excavations shall be exempt from this double fee provision.
Reinspection Fee: A Reinspection Fee of $50 shall be assessed when reinspection is necessary because work for which the original inspection is called for is not complete, or when corrections called for are not made.