Food Service Establishment License

A permit is required for any food service establishment, including restaurants, caterers, delis, bakeries and more.

The application and $100 fee must be submitted online or sent to Community Services Division, upper level of the Myron E. Scafe Building, 8500 Antioch Road. For more information, call 913-895-6270.

New Permit, Change of Ownership or Establishment Name

Apply for a new permit online via the City's ePLACE permitting portal at least two weeks prior to the opening of a new establishment.

Please contact permitting at 913-895-6270 to schedule a pre-opening inspection for all new establishments.


Renewals may be completed online via the City's ePLACE permitting portal.

ePLACE (Online)

You must first register for an ePLACE account. Select yes, if it asks you to confirm your previous record. (See instructions)

  1. After registering/signing in to your account,
  2. Select Apply (navigation bar),
  3. Permits: Select ALL
  4. Select Food
  5. Select Mobile or Permanent


  • After registering/signing in to your ePLACE account,
  • If you do not see your RST permit under ACTIVE on the Dashboard, call 913-895-6347
  • if you see your RST permit, proceed to payment by using Add to Cart (bottom of dashboard)

Refund Policy

Community Planning and Services fees are not refundable. Over payment of fees: No refunds will be processed unless the amount received is more than $10 over the amount.

Please contact Community Services at 913-895-6270 if you have any questions.

Mobile Food Truck Licenses

See the approved licenses for the Mobile Food Truck.