Food Service Establishment License

A permit is required for any food service establishment, including restaurants, caterers, delis, bakeries and more.

The application and $100 fee must be returned to Community Services Division, upper level of the Myron E. Scafe Building, 8500 Antioch Road. For more information, call 913-895-6270.

New Permit, Change of Ownership or Establishment Name

Apply for a new permit online via the City's ePLACE permitting portal at least two weeks prior to the opening of a new establishment.


Renewals may be completed online via the City's ePLACE permitting portal.


  1. Complete the online application

  2. Print

  3. Send fee and application to mailing address noted on application.

Refund Policy

Community Planning and Services fees are not refundable. Overpayment of fees: No refunds will be processed unless the amount received is more than $10 over the amount.

Please contact Community Services at 913-895-6270 if you have any questions.