Block Party Permit

A Special Event (SEP) - Block Party permit is required for anyone who plans to block off any part of the street as part of a neighborhood block party.

Online applications through the ePlace site are due at least seven days prior to the day of the proposed party. Within the online application, the applicant must agree to abide by these guidelines:

  • Applicants will indicate on form or can notify the Police, 913-895-6300, when the street is closed and reopened.
  • No more than one city block may be temporarily closed.
  • There must be immediate access for all emergency vehicles as well as access for drivers of vehicles having business or whose residences are within the closed area.
  • Barricades and signs must be placed at each end of the block, warning vehicles of the street closure. Refer to local rental companies for Type 3 barricades.
  • Applicants will clean up the street and remove debris left as a result of the party.
  • Neighbors in contiguous blocks have the right to access and quiet enjoyment of their property. The city will investigate any reports received as to excessive noise, disruptive or offensive behavior, failure to allow a resident or person having business on a closed street from entering, etc.

Once the application is submitted, Police will decide whether you can block off the street. If approved, you will receive your SEP permit by email and it will be saved to your ePlace account. The street may be blocked, on the designated/permitted day, during daylight hours, generally between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. (9 a.m. to 8 p.m., the last Sunday in April through the last Sunday in October.)


There are two issues you should be aware of in order to have your event go smoothly.  First, all outdoor activity is subject to the City's noise regulation.  As a practical matter, the noise ordinance is normally enforced only upon complaint so there are two steps suggested: 
  1. Limit late night noise.  An afternoon event is much less likely to generate a complaint than one which goes on till midnight.  At the very least, plan on reducing noise levels as it gets later.
    • Talk with ALL of your neighbors.  Most people are fairly understanding of one-time events such as a wedding if they know what to expect in advance.  Explain what you would like to do and respond to their concerns as best as you can.  Hopefully there will not be any complaints, but if the Police Department receives a complaint you will have to reduce noise levels to comply with the ordinance.
  2. Parking (if applicable).  Most residential areas are not designed to accommodate the number of cars that will be generated by a large event.  On-street parking is open to anyone to use, but to minimize problems you might encourage guests to carpool.  The most common complaints are concerns that emergency vehicles will not be able to get through if cars are parked on both sides of a street, and complaints that a driveway is being blocked by parked cars.  Again, talk with your neighbors and ask them to contact you if they see parking problems rather than call the Police.

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