Vision Metcalf

Realizing the Metcalf Vision

The approved downtown form based code became effective September 1, 2011 for properties zoned Downtown Form District. The code was designed to implement the first phase of the Vision Metcalf Plan in Downtown Overland Park.

The code focuses on the physical form of buildings and their relationship to the city street in order to create a mix of uses in a walkable environment. Although uses are regulated in the Downtown Form District, the emphasis is on creating buildings that are adaptable over time. Projects that conform to the requirements of the code are able to receive administrative approval from the staff.

Property owners considering development in downtown are encouraged to contact the Planning Department (913-895-6217) early in the process.

Form-Based Code and Downtown Regulating Plan Maps

Legal DescriptionForm-Based Code
Downtown Regulating Plan
Legal documentDowntown Form-Based Code - FinalDowntown Regulating Plan Map

Updated 2/17/11

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