Special Area Studies

Occasionally, the city undertakes and adopts special studies beyond the scope of the annual Comprehensive Plan update. These have included specific issues or needs such as neighborhood or corridor studies, design concept plans, and studies resulting in future land use plans and goals for newly annexed areas.

  • OP Central College and Metcalf Study Area - Six month-long master planning process that analyzed workplace and community needs of the College and Metcalf area, which is uniquely positioned to support innovative mixed-use development.
  • Vision Metcalf Form-Based Code - Long term study of Metcalf Avenue, from Interstate 35 to 123rd Street, including some neighborhoods east and west of Metcalf, such as the downtown area, 95th and 103rd streets.
  • West Aubry Study Area - Future land use plan and goals were developed by a task force as a commitment to residents and landowners in a 8.35 square-mile area south of the city annexed in 2008. Adopted as part of the city's Comprehensive Plan in 2009.
  • The Blue Valley Plan / Urban Fringe Area - Joint study between Johnson County and Overland Park for a 21-square mile area south of the city; adopted as part of the county's Rural Comprehensive Plan
  • Blue Valley Study Area Future Land Use Plan and Goals - Developed by a task force as a commitment to areas residents and landowners in a 4.7 square-mile area south of the city annexed in 2002.
  • 151st Street Corridor Design Concept Plan - Plan showing acceptable land uses and architectural and site plan design features for 151st Street as it runs through neighborhoods in the south part of the city.
  • Morse Study Area - The Morse Neighborhood, along with the Stanley Neighborhood to the east, was annexed into the City of Overland Park in August 1985. A new study of the Morse Neighborhood was completed in 2012 after a yearlong study to determine the appropriate future land use plan for the neighborhood.