vs. Zoning Map

The Future Development Plan and the zoning map, along with their respective sections, have different yet complementary roles in guiding and regulating land development in Overland Park. The two should be used jointly to review the merits of a proposed development to ensure that it meets the legal regulations pertaining to land use and complies with the city's goals and policies.

Future Development PlanZoning Map
The plan reflects, in general, the relationships that ensure compatible land uses and the overall soundness of the plan. The map is specific in nature. It identifies the zoning classification for each land parcel in the city.
The plan projects land needs into the future, thus serving as a policy guide for future development. The map is updated as soon as a zoning application is approved and reflects current opportunities for development.
The plan enables government officials to anticipate future public expenditures more effectively. This results in more efficient use of tax dollars. The Unified Development Ordinance establishes maximum densities, parking requirements, height limitations and other required improvements for each zoning district.
The plan provides an opportunity for residents, private developers and affected governmental jurisdictions to determine the city's goals. The map identifies only the current zoning of land parcels.
The plan allows the use of innovative planning techniques far ahead of development, thereby preserving a high-quality urban area. The map is an official document that is legally binding and reflects the current development potential of land parcels.
The plan provides data that is needed to make day-to-day decisions about future development patterns for the city. The map permits development to occur in accordance with present opportunities and constraints.
The plan provides a future land use guide that allows alternative land development proposals to be reviewed for their merits and compatibility with surrounding land uses. A map change can be initiated by a property owner, their agent or the city.