Plan Implementation

The Plan Implementation book is one of two documents that reflect the city's policies for directing land development. It is comprised of a number of sections including:

  • Future Development Plan - What is it? - Describes the Future Development Plan categories and explains how to compare the plan map with the zoning map and typical land uses. It also lists all proposed changes to the plan maps that are part of the annual update of the Comprehensive Plan.
  • Study Areas - Provides a quick reference to past and present study area reports as well as all of the current year study area reports, which are used to evaluate the appropriateness of proposed land use changes.
  • Plan Policies - Identifies the various Governing Body and Planning Commission land use related policy resolutions used in evaluating development plans.
  • Specific Plans - Provides a synopsis and update on area studies that are currently underway or are still active. Specific plans include studies, such as Vision Metcalf and the Blue Valley Study Area Future Land Use Plan and Goals.

Plan Implementation Documents