Official Street Map

The city's street network serves two, sometimes conflicting, purposes: to provide access to property and to move traffic.

Overland Park strives to create an ideal street and highway network that balances the need for safety, efficiency and maintenance with the desire for environmentally compatible and visually pleasing design.

The Official Street Map shows both the existing network of streets and the approximate location of future collectors and thoroughfares within the city and in a portion of unincorporated Johnson County, just south of Overland Park.

The map clarifies key city policies regarding roadways and defines the major categories of streets within the city.

This map allows the city to plan more efficiently for future road improvements and helps ensure necessary setbacks (minimum distance that a structure can be from the right-of-way) are maintained from future street and highway improvements.

The Official Street Map is reviewed annually, generally at the same time as the city's Comprehensive Plan.