• Septic Systems
    All septic systems must be inspected by the city. If they pass, a permit will be issued.
  • Privately Funded Public Improvement Project Inspections
    All privately funded public improvement projects are inspected prior to issuing a permit.
  • Tent Inspections
    Tent inspections are required by the international fire code and for a permit.
  • Special Inspections
    Special inspections require expertise in a certain area to assure compliance with city-approved building codes.
  • Public Pool/Spa Inspections
    Inspections are required for all public or semi-public swimming pools or spas
  • Fire
    The Fire Department inspects all buildings in Overland Park on a regular basis to ensure they meet today's safety codes as well as tomorrow's challenges.
  • Food/Restaurant Inspections
    Food/Restaurant establishments are inspected before they open, when ownership changes or if a complaint is received.
  • Residential Lots
    This handout describes the position of the City with regards to site grade inspections of residential homes.
  • New One & Two Family Home Inspections
    New one and two family homes are inspected to ensure compliance with many factors.
  • Construction Inspections
    Construction projects are inspected at each stage of construction to provide for protection of the public and to ensure compliance with the adopted building codes.
  • Building Inspections
    Building, land disturbance and site development inspections are made in accordance with the city's adopted building codes and standards.