Home-Based Businesses

OP does not require business
for home-based
businesses; the State of Kansas
and Johnson County have
additional requirements and/or
regulations. Please contact them.

Overland Park is nationally recognized as one of the best places to start a small, home-based business.

Whether you are thinking about starting or already are operating a home-based business, there are provisions to assist you in maintaining a viable and permissible venture in a residential area.

Permitted businesses generally are limited to those that are office-oriented:

Sales to the general public: Sales of items through the mail or at another location are permitted (You need a sales tax number, contact the Kansas Department of Revenue). Sales of items between the proprietor of a home business and members of the general public are not permitted. "Members of the general public" does not include people invited by individual invitation.

Repairing items on-site: The repair of items is permitted only when the delivery and pickup of the items is conducted off-site. The repair of motor vehicles, trailers, campers, or boats not registered to the address of the home business is presumed to be done for payment and is a violation of city ordinance. This presumption can be disproved if the occupant can document the repair work is not being done for compensation.

Home businesses are permitted inside the residence only (no garages or accessory structures). They can use up to 20 percent of the floor area (home daycares are exempt); however, occasional meetings, which use more than 20 percent, may be permitted if such meetings do not occur more than once a month.

Employees are limited to family members residing within the home.

No signage or other forms of on-site advertising may be used.