Home-Based Businesses

Overland Park does not require home-based businesses to be licensed.

The State of Kansas and Johnson County have additional requirements.


Qualifying businesses generally are limited to those that are office-oriented.

Home businesses are permitted inside the residence only and employees are limited to family members residing within the home. No signage or other forms of on-site advertising may be used.

Sales to the general public are not allowed. "Members of the general public" does not include people invited by individual invitation. Sales of items through the mail or at another location are permitted. The repair of items is permitted only when the delivery and pickup of the items is conducted off-site. The repair of motor vehicles, trailers, campers, or boats not registered to the address of the home business is presumed to be done for payment and is a violation of city ordinance

Parking and Traffic

Home businesses can generate a maximum of six business-related visitations per day, excluding occasional meetings. These visits can occur between 6 a.m. and 9 p.m. only.

Parking on the street is not permitted, except for occasional meetings.

Businesses generating excessive amounts will not be permitted in residential areas.

Home businesses that generate an excessive amount of noise, dust, dirt, smoke, odors, etc., are not permitted.