Zoning Verification

Zoning verification is provided as a public service. All information used for zoning verification purposes is obtained from public records, which are available and may be inspected during regular business hours at the Planning counter on the second floor of City Hall, 8500 Santa Fe Drive.

Zoning for a particular property can be verified using the Zoning map.

A request for zoning verification can be made online via ePlace (see instructions to create an account) or by calling 913-895-6217. Please have the address or parcel ID number for the property available.

For written verification, submit a written request to the Planning & Development Services Department, 8500 Santa Fe Drive, Overland Park, KS 66212, or by fax 913-895-5013. A standard letter of zoning verification will be provided for a $10 processing fee. Please allow two weeks for processing.

Site conditions cannot be verified for ordinance compliance unless an as-built survey is submitted. The City of Overland Park assumes no liability for errors or omissions associated with a zoning verification as zoning information is subject to change.