A rezoning is a request to change the zoning district classification applicable to one or more specific lots or tracts.

Requests for planned zoning districts (distinguished by a "P" in the title, for example CP-2, Planned General Business District) must be accompanied by:

  • A site plan showing the proposed layout of the development, including building locations, parking lots, access, landscaping and buffering;
  • Civil drawings to indicate existing and proposed grades, drainage patterns and locations for detention and stormwater treatment facilities; and
  • Building architecture, which may be conceptual.

Requests for conventional zoning districts require only a legal description of the property requested for rezoning. Conventional rezonings typically are limited to single-family developments.

All rezoning applications require notice to surrounding property owners and a public hearing before the Planning Commission and the City Council. Recommendations from the Planning Commission will be forwarded to the City Council for final action.

Submittal of a protest petition may impact the voting requirements of the Council; however, all decisions by the City Council are final unless appealed to District Court.