Submitting a Development Application

Members of the Current Planning division are available to outline the development review process, verify submittal requirements and identify ordinance requirements specific to all development requests.

Applications will be reviewed for completeness prior to officially being scheduled for Planning Commission review. Development checklists are available to assist you in ensuring your application is complete.

The city strongly encourages developers to contact surrounding property owners, homes associations and neighborhood groups about development proposals early in the process in order to gather input and address concerns.

Design Guidelines and Standards

The City has adopted three sets of design guidelines and standards to help shape the character of new development in Overland Park. The guidelines work in conjunction with the Unified Development Ordinance and the Comprehensive Plan to establish expectations for new development and redevelopment in the city.

  • Mixed-use design standards establish and encourage innovative mixed-use development as an alternative to typical suburban, use-segregated development. The guidelines aim to create connected, pedestrian-friendly environments with an integrated mix of uses, including a variety of housing types and usable public spaces. These guidelines apply only to properties zoned Mixed-Use District (MXD).

  • Site design standards provide site planning guidance for commercial and multi-family developments. Grading, landscaping, site lighting and open space requirements also are included in these guidelines.

  • Architectural design standards outline criteria to create high quality, pedestrian scaled buildings that enhance the built environment. These standards apply to commercial, mixed-use and multi-family developments. Some limited criteria apply to infill single-family developments.

Pre-Application Conference

A pre-application conference with a member of the planning staff is required prior to submission of any application for a rezoning, special use permit, preliminary development plan, or preliminary plats.

It is helpful to bring information about the proposed development, including a sketch plan drawn to scale. The staff will review the development review process, outline the requirements of the Unified Development Ordinance, any relevant design guidelines and the Comprehensive Plan, and outline any special studies that may be required such as traffic and stormwater management.

To speak with a staff member about making an application or to schedule a pre-application conference, call 913-895-6217.

Unified Development Ordinance

The city's zoning and subdivision regulations are contained within a single document called the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) within the city's Municipal Code.

In addition to specific regulations for each of the city's zoning districts, the UDO contains development standards for parking, landscaping and screening, signage and floodplain ordinances.

Other city documents, such as the Comprehensive Plan and architectural design standards, supplement the UDO.

You may view the UDO online. If you have questions about the requirements of the UDO, contact the Planner of the Day, 895-6217 or