Special Event Permits: Sign


Special events are temporary, short-term activities that are not normally permitted, including promotional banners and outdoor events such as tent sales, fundraisers and concerts. See all Special Event permits.

Three types of special events for signs/banners are allowed:

Special Considerations

There are a few special considerations which are explained in detail pertaining to:

  • Religious Institutions
  • Private and Public Schools, Non-Profit and Neighborhood Organizations
  • Transient Merchants
  • Costumes


The applicant for a special event permit must be a business or organization that owns or leases space at the location where the event is to be held. The event must be related to the applicant's organization or be a fundraising activity for charity.

  • A special event permit cannot be used to allow a business to operate at a location where it does not have tenant space or a permanent facility.

Staff can approve many events; however, some events require approval of the City Council.

Please allow three weeks for your permit to be processed. For individual permit requirements, based on your event, call 913-895-6217.