Sign Permits

The Unified Development Ordinance has standards for signs and requires permits to be obtained prior to the installation of most signs.

sign permit is required prior to the installation of any permanent sign and is recommended prior to the fabrication of any signage.

Contact the Planner of the Day at 913-895-6217 for answers to questions regarding sign permits.

Commercial Identification Signs

As a general rule, businesses are allowed up to three signs, one per business facade.

However, the number, type, size and location of permitted signs vary depending on the zoning district in which the sign is to be located. Signs also may be required to meet sign design criteria as adopted for each individual development project. Sign regulations can be found in Chapter 18.440 of the Unified Development Ordinance.

Monument signs are allowed to identify office/industrial parks and residential/commercial developments. In some situations, monument signs for individual locations may be allowed in lieu of one wall sign.

Construction Site Identification Signs

Major construction site signs are allowed during the development of any project. Such signs may identify the project, the owner/developer, future tenants and/or professionals associated with the design, construction, financing or marketing of the project.Construction Site Sign

One detached, non-illuminated major construction site sign is allowed for each perimeter street, up to a total of three signs. Signs must be set back 20 feet from the adjacent right-of-way, and may be up to 32 square feet in area and eight feet in height. Additional sign area and height is allowed with additional setbacks.

Construction site signs may remain until the issuance of any certificate of occupancy for the last building in each phase of a commercial or office project or 90 percent of the residential units in a residential project.

Contractor Identification Signs

Signs identifying a contractor may be placed on property where new construction, remodeling or property improvement work is taking place.

Major contractor identification sign

Up to three major contractors' signs, one per street frontage, are allowed per construction site (single-family and two-family projects excluded). Signs must be set back a minimum of 20 feet from any property line, may be up to eight feet in height and 32 square feet in area, with a maximum of two faces.

Signs may not be erected until a building permit has been issued for the construction work that the contractor is to perform and the sign must be removed as soon as a Certificate of Occupancy has been issued for the last building in each phase of the project.

Minor contractor identification sign

One minor contractors' identification sign is allowed on the site where the work is being performed for each contractor not identified with a major contractors' identification sign.

Signs must be set back a minimum of 10 feet from any property line, may be up to 6 feet in height and 8 square feet in area, with a maximum of two faces. Signs may be posted while work is being conducted onsite. A sign permit is not required.

Political Signs

If you are a candidate for any elected office, you and your campaign representatives have responsibilities to comply with Overland Park's sign regulations. Learn more.

Special Event Signs

Special Event Permits are required for temporary, short-term activities that are not normally permitted, including promotional banners and outdoor events such as tent sales, fundraisers and concerts.