Public Hearings

Public hearings give applicants, residents and other interested parties the opportunity to provide testimony about pending development proposals and planning activities.

At the public hearing, staff will provide a general overview of the proposal, including a staff recommendation, followed by a presentation by the applicant. Public comments follow the presentation; time limits may apply.

  • The Council Chamber has technology available, including a computer, projector and other equipment to aid in presentations, should a request be made (staff assistance is available).

Once the public hearing is closed, a decision will be made on the item. The decision may be "to approve," "approve with stipulations," "deny" or "continue."

Recommendations from the Planning Commission are forwarded to the City Council for final action.

Planning Commission action for plats and decisions by the City Council and the Board of Zoning Appeals are final unless appealed to District Court.

Open for Public Comment

Comment Case
Case Name Address Comments
Close @ noon
Comment PLT2016-00066 Prairie Reserve - preliminary plat SE corner of 159th St. & Switzer Rd  7/10/2017 Applicant Submittal
Comment REZ2016-00019 Rezoning from M-1 to RP-6 to allow conversion from a hotel to apartments  6300 West 110th Street  7/10/2017

Applicant Submittal
Planning Commission Report (05/15/17)
Map - Site Plans
Map - Landscaping
Map - Floor Plans
Map - Elevations

Comment PLT2017-00100 QuikTrip #269 - preliminary plat 7651 West 159th Street 6/12/2017 Applicant Submittal
Comment REZ2017-00100  Rezoning to RP-6 and CP-2 to allow development of a shopping center and multi family project NW corner of 115th St. & Nall Ave.  6/12/2017 Applicant Submittal
Comment REZ2017-00101 Corbin Park - rezoning to MXD to add apartments to the existing center  SE corner of 135th & Metcalf  6/12/2017 Applicant Submittal
Comment REZ2017-00102 Rezoning from CP-O to RP-6 for an apartment project SW corner of 132nd & Foster Streets  6/12/2017 Applicant Submittal
Comment REZ2017-00103  Rezoning from RP-OS to RP-1 for residential uses The south side of 159th Street, east of Switzer Road  6/12/2017  
Comment REZ2017-00104  Rezoning from RP-OS to RP-1 for residential uses The south side of 159th Street, east of Switzer Road  6/12/2017  
Comment SUP2017-00006 Buchanan's Mexican Bar - to allow a dance club for a 10-year period of time 7520 Shawnee Mission Parkway 8/14/2017  
Comment SUP2017-00100 Deer Creek Animal Hospital - allow a dog boarding facility for a 10-year period of time SE corner of 135th Street and Metcalf Avenue 6/12/2017 Applicant Submittal