Participating in the Development Review Process

All rezoning and special use permit requests require a public hearing. The public hearing gives residents and applicants an opportunity to address the Planning Commission and City Council prior to any decisions being made on the proposed development request.

Speakers may find out about a development proposal by postcard, from the city; certified letter, from the applicant; or a notice of public hearing sign posted on the property.

You also can monitor development activity in your neighborhood using the What's Happening in my Neighborhood or Find a Development Proposal applications.

Residents, homes associations and neighborhood groups are encouraged to contact applicants early in the process with questions and to share information and concerns. Staff also is available to answer questions about a specific development proposal and the development review process.

If you wish to comment on a development application you may contact your Council representative, provide written comment via email or testify in person or through a representative at the public hearing. Staff can also offer advice on speaking at the public hearing and provide information about the protest petition process.