Design Criteria & Codes

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Current Design Criteria and Codes (2015)

The city follows design criteria, codes and guidelines to ensure new construction is cost effective, meets current safety requirements and is an asset to the community. The criteria and codes include general notes, checklists and policies for roadways, stormwater, erosion and sediment control and traffic sign criteria, as well as private site improvements.

Sidewalk Ramp - CHANGE

New materials are now required for sidewalk ramp construction within the city of Overland Park. Updates have been made to the pre-approved materials list and standard details.

2017 Updates - NEW

The city of Overland Park is considering updates to the Design and Construction Standards Manual. This manual governs design and construction requirements for public and private infrastructure in the City and was last updated in May 2015. Part of the update process includes a public input meeting, which was held Friday, Jan. 20, 2017, where the proposed changes were presented.

Please provide any comments on the proposed updates to the Design Standards and Construction Specifications, by the close of business on Feb. 24, 2017. Written comments or questions should be submitted to the Engineer of the Day at

Once the public input process has concluded, the final standards will be implemented for any new projects submitted for initial review after adoption. The new standards will not go into effect prior to May 1, 2017.

Significant changes to the Standards and Specifications include:

  • Requirements for concrete cul de sac bulbs on new streets.
  • Adoption of 2015 KDOT Standard Specifications.
  • Changes to design storm requirements for flood control detention.
  • Restrictions on utilizing infiltration based stormwater quality practices for certain soils.
  • Limits on type and location of native vegetation used for stormwater treatment credit.
  • Additional options for pavement subgrades on private drives and parking areas.
  • Requirements for treating washdown water from dog kennel operations with outdoor play areas.