Building and Construction

Plans Examiner of the Day:



Overland Park reviews all commercial and residential construction plans and documents that require a building permit.

Throughout the process, corresponding inspections are completed to ensure all building codes are understood and complied with for safety.


  • Plan Review

    During the review process, staff completes a "quick check" to determine if the commercial and residential plans submitted are sufficiently complete for a thorough review.

  • Residential Projects

    A new home (or improvement project) should not mean new worries. From concept to completion, new homes in Overland Park are reviewed and inspected by city staff.

  • Commercial Projects

    All commercial building projects must apply for a permit, submit appropriate construction documents and be in compliance with contractor licensing requirements.

  • Building Codes

    Overland Park uses the 2012 International Building Codes package when reviewing building plans for commercial and residential projects.

  • Inspections

    Various inspections such as: building, pool/spa, tent, septic systems, etc. are required.
  • Building Permits

    Permits for commercial and residential buildings, land disturbance and site development are issued by Permit Services following the submission of appropriate construction documents and the completion of plan reviews.