Traffic Management and Infrastructure Improvements

From traffic signals to street lights, sidewalks, curbs and streets, Overland Park is seeking a dedicated funding source for necessary improvements.

Since 1999, a 1/8 cent sales tax has been dedicated to the reconstruction of residential streets and construction of new thoroughfares.

Beginning in 2009, Overland Park began dedicating a small portion of the 1/8 cent sales tax for traffic signals, street lights, sidewalks and curbs that are not part of a major street improvement. As Overland Park continues to age, the need to replace signals, street lights, sidewalks and curbs increases.streetlight replacement

There are 260 intersections in Overland Park with traffic signals. More than 170 intersections have traffic signals that have been operational for over 20 years.

The average expense to replace traffic signals at a major intersection is about $250,000, which includes the cost of engineering design, poles and mast arms, signal controller, signal heads, technology and more.

In addition to traffic signals, the 1/8 cent sales tax will also be used to replace curbs, sidewalks, and streetlights, and is a primary source of residential street reconstruction and new thoroughfares.

There are over 16,500 streetlights in Overland Park, more than 1,350 miles of curbs and over 800 miles of sidewalks.

Improvements to residential streets and thoroughfares will remain the primary focus of the 1/8 cents sales tax. The proposed 10-year 1/8 cents sales tax would generate about $65 million.