Towed Vehicles

If you think your vehicle has
been towed, call 913-895-6405.

Each year, the Police Department tows more than 2,000 vehicles. The vehicle owner is responsible for paying applicable impound fees according to city policy:

  • Basic hookup: $100
  • Mileage: $5/mile
  • Outside storage: $25/day
  • Inside storage: $30/day
  • Winching fee: $100/hour (pro-rated per quarter hour)
  • Waiting fee: $18 every 15 minutes (pro-rated per quarter hour)
  • Labor fee: $10
  • Tarping: $12

Tow Company Information

All of the tow companies are open from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.  Some companies are open on Saturday. You will need to contact the tow company that has towed your vehicle to find out if they will be open on Saturdays.

Tow Company



Allied Tow

7235 W. 162nd St.           

(913) 768-0500

Almighty Tow

8787 Lenexa Dr.           

(913) 362-8697

Blue Valley Tow

7235 W. 162nd St.

(913) 768-0615

Center Body & Tow

4870 Merriam Dr

(913) 596-8697

Dales Tow

8787 Lenexa Dr         

(913) 782-2289

Heritage Tow

3500 Merriam Ln

(913) 831-6262

Johnson County Tow

7932 Foster      

(913) 362-8697

Kidd Towing

4870 Merriam Dr

(913) 596-8697

Overland Tow

3505 Merriam Ln

(913) 722-3505

Pro Tow

11410 W. 89th St.

(913) 262-3300

Santa Fe Tow

8717 Lenexa Dr.

(913) 894-5201

Most of the tow companies will accept cash only. Contact the towing company prior to going to the storage facility to determine the towing and other related charges. The tow companies charge a daily storage fee for every day the vehicle is left at the storage facility.

To keep from incurring a daily fee, it is strongly recommended you remove your vehicle from the storage facility, as soon as possibleThe maximum amount a tow company may charge is regulated by city resolution.

To reclaim your vehicle you must have the following items with you.

  1. Picture identification (i.e. driver’s license, passport, state identification card)
  2. Proof of vehicle ownership by lawful title or other proof of lawful entitlement to the vehicle.
  3. Current proof of liability insurance on the vehicle.
  4. Proof of current registration of the vehicle.

The vehicle will be released to the registered owner listed on the title or other lawful entitlement to the vehicle. If this is not possible, the tow company will accept a notarized letter from the registered owner authorizing another person named in the letter to remove the vehicle.  The other items listed above will still need to be presented to remove the vehicle from the storage facility.

If you do not have current liability insurance or proof of current registration you will not be allowed to drive your vehicle from the storage lot. You may still reclaim your vehicle by paying the tow and storage charges and have a towing company of your choice tow the vehicle to your residence or other location. 

The tow companies are not required to release any  property in the vehicle until the tow charges are paid. However, they are required to release medicine or medical supplies including prescription medication, prescription eye glasses, walkers, canes, wheel chairs or other medical items.