School Zone Safety

Police conduct targeted enforcement of school zones during the school year, checking for speeders and seat belt violators in order to keep our students safe.

Crossing GuardPolice also monitor compliance with school bus laws. When a motorist approaches a bus with red flashing lights and an extended stop arm, they are required to stop and wait until all children are safely off the street.

School crossing guards work with Overland Park police to allow young pedestrians a safe walk to and from school. Crossing guards go through a rigorous selection process and, once hired, are trained both in the classroom and on-site. They are equipped with the necessary safety gear: reflective safety vests, stop signs, and weather appropriate apparel.

Most crossing guards work an hour a day; 30 minutes each in the morning and afternoon. The pay rate is $11 per crossing slot, or $22 per day. Crossing guards also are paid for school holidays and are eligible for four $100 bonuses a year. To learn more about becoming a crossing guard, call 913-327-6903.