School Resource Officers

For nearly 20 years, the Police Department has had uniformed officers in the middle and high schools, serving as School Resource Officers, or SROs. These officers provide a variety of educational materials to their school communities and provide law enforcement information and guidance to students, parents and school staff.

School Resource Officers provide a positive police presence within their respective schools and investigate criminal matters that occur on school grounds and/or are school-related.

2018-2019 SROs

Blue Valley School District

Blue Valley Academy

Officer James Miller

O: 913-239-4505
C: 913-669-3044

Blue Valley High

Officer Trevor Burgess

O: 913-239-4825
C: 913-302-1913

Blue Valley North

Officer Tina Morse

O: 913-239-3025
C: 913-909-5247

Blue Valley Northwest

Officer Richard Spandle

O: 913-239-3406
C: 913-535-3253 

Blue Valley West

Officer Brandon Faber

O: 913-239-3711
C: 913-669-7184

Blue Valley Southwest

Officer Matthew Buelt

O: 913-624-2061
C: 913-535-3259

Harmony Middle and Aubry Bend Middle

Officer Debra Guieb

O: 913-239-5236 (HMS)
O: 913-624-2329 (ABMS)
C: 913-669-7341

Oxford Middle

Officer T. Gibson

O: 913-239-5531
C: 913-535-3262

Blue Valley Middle & Pleasant Ridge Middle

Officer Rachel Scattergood

O: 913-239-5135 (BVMS)
O: 913-239-5729 (PRMS)

Lakewood Middle & Overland Trail Middle

Officer Shayna Palmgren

O: 913-239-5823 (LMS)
O: 913-239-5427 (OTMS)
C: 913-535-3101


Saint Thomas Aquinas High School

St. Thomas Aquinas

Officer Ken Ufford

O: 913-319-2431
C: 913-669-7242


Shawnee Mission School District

Shawnee Mission North

Officer Antionette Covington

O: 913-993-6922
C: 913-535-3260

Shawnee Mission West

Officer Jose Carrillo

O: 913-993-7822
C: 913-535-3247

Shawnee Mission South

Officer Kyle Lathrop

O: 913-993-7522
C: 913-535-3256

Indian Woods Middle

Officer Justin Seals

O: 913-993-0622
C: 913-535-3199

Westridge Middle

Officer Dana Harrison

O: 913-993-1206
C: 913-909-5171

School Zone Safety

Police conduct targeted enforcement of school zones during the school year, checking for speeders and seat belt violators in order to keep our students safe.

School crossing guards work with Overland Park police to allow young pedestrians a safe walk to and from school. Crossing guards go through a rigorous selection process and, once hired, are trained both in the classroom and on-site. They are equipped with the necessary safety gear: reflective safety vests, stop signs, and weather appropriate apparel.

Most crossing guards work an hour a day; 30 minutes each in the morning and afternoon. The pay rate is $11 per crossing slot, or $22 per day. Crossing guards also are paid for school holidays and are eligible for four $100 bonuses a year. To learn more about becoming a crossing guard, call 913-327-6903.