Patrol Support

COPPSOfficers working in the Patrol Support unit provide assistance to Patrol officers. They build relationships with the community in order to prevent crime, provide extra staffing to the Patrol Division, and help handle critical incidents. Patrol Support officers work in the following units:

  • Community policing (COPPS) build neighborhood relationships
  • School Resource Officers work with and counsel students in Overland Park schools
  • Traffic Safety officers handle serious accidents and patrolling traffic complaint areas
  • Tactical Operations
    • Bomb Unit - Experts are trained to handle any explosive situation or threat.
    • Canine (K-9) Unit - Handlers work alongside Belgian Malinois officers for patrol work and narcotic or explosives detection.
    • Dive Team - Divers are trained in underwater search and recovery and fast-water rescues.
    • Tactical Response Team - These officers handle critical incidents and hostage situations.