Notify Johnson County

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or call 913-826-5555

Citizens who live or work in Johnson County can now sign up to receive important information about locations they care about through NotifyJoCo, a free public notification system which will communicate emergency information through phone, text and email messages to members of the community.

To develop the initial contact list, officials purchased a list of about 140,000 telephone numbers in Johnson County. However, that does not include everyone’s phone number.

To ensure you are included, you must either verify or submit your information.

You will be asked to provide your contact information, which will remain confidential. You will then be prompted to identify the locations you are concerned about including home, work or your child’s school. (Local schools districts have their own separate notification system, but you may choose to learn of non-school related events nearby.). You can choose other non-emergency messages you would like to receive in addition to the emergency alerts.

Emergency notifications will be sent in cases needing immediate responses, such as a tornado warnings, evacuation notices and public health alerts. Notices will be sent to the geographic areas affected, which could be as small as a block or as large as the entire county.