False Alarms & Fines

Number of chargeable false alarmsFines
First and Second$0
Seventh, etc.$250


Residential and commercial alarms may deter burglars, but false alarms are, unfortunately, a common occurrence.

Alarm users with a valid permit are allowed two "free" false alarm calls per calendar year and one extra free alarm call if the alarm occurs within 45 days after installing a new system or taking over an existing one.

Each alarm activation police respond to is reviewed for type, cause and known circumstances. These findings, and any applicable fees, are mailed to permit holders. Chargeable false alarms may be appealed by notifying the alarm coordinator's office within 15 calendar days after receiving a false alarm notice.

Alarm users may cancel police responses only by contacting their alarm monitoring station (Keep this phone number readily accessible, and you must provide the monitoring station with a proper code when you call.). Police responses to panic, hold-up or duress alarms are canceled.

Paying False Alarm Fees

False alarm fees can be paid online using the user name and password provided on the false alarm notice. 

Alarm Stats

YearTotal CallsValid Calls*False Alarms

*Valid calls: Calls involved actual or attempted criminal activity.