Other Code Violations

  • A = No court costs
  • B = Includes $2.50 court cost
    ($.1.00 Kansas court cost, $1.50 Victim Rights Fund)
  • C = Includes $25 court costs
    ($1.00 Kansas court cost, $1.50 Victim Rights Fund and $22.50 State Assessment)

Updates effective July 1, 2016

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Municipal CodeConviction within
12 months
5.40.020Possession of fireworks$204.50$404.50 C
5.44.020Hold more than two garage sales per year$104.50$154.50 C
5.44.025Conduct garage sale in improper location$102$152 C
6.04.030Failure to register animal with city$73$123 C
6.04.040Failure to display animal tags$73$123 C
6.08.020Failure to confine dog or cat$102$202 C
6.08.026Animal at Farmers Market$102$202 C
6.08.080Permit animal to damage property$102$202 C
7.22.040Inoperable vehicle$91$141 B
7.22.050License plate obstructed$92$142 C
7.22.060Parking on unpaved surfaces$91$141 B
7.22.070Commercial vehicle in residential district$91$141 B
7.22.080Recreational vehicle, boat or trailer$91$141 B
7.22.085Auto repair between 10:00pm and 7:00am$92$142 C
7.22.090Vehicle as living quarters$92$142 C
7.26.170Outdoor storage on property$92$142 C
7.26.175Store trash containers$92$142 C
7.36.140Collect solid waste$92$142 C
7.36.180Store solid waste containers$92$142 C
10.08.010Remain in park after hours$91$141 B
10.08.144Motor vehicle in park$91$141 B
13.24.010Leaves, trash or debris in public areas$92$142 C
18.390.140 (b)Day care violations$92$142 C
18.390.140(i)Satellite dishes$92$142 C


*Third or subsequent conviction within a 12-month period requires a court appearance.