Commercial Fines and Violations

  • B = Includes $2 court cost
    ($.50 Kansas court cost, $1.50 Victim Rights Fund)
  • C = Includes $22 court costs
    ($.50 Kansas court cost, $1.50 Victim Rights Fund and $20 State Assessment)

K.A.R. = Kansas Administrative Regulations
C.F.R. = Code of Federal Regulations

Updates effective July 1, 2016

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OPMCK.A.R.C.F.RViolationsFine C.F.R.
Part 382
Controlled Substance and Alcohol Use concentration$201 B alcohol use$201 B alcohol use$201 B use following an accident$201 B to submit to alcohol or drug test$204.50 C substance use$201 B substance testing$201 B C.F.R.
Part 390
General Motor Carrier Safety Regulations D.O.T. markings$126 B C.F.R.
Part 391
Qualifications of Drivers of drivers$204.50 C medical card$126 B medical card$126 B C.F.R.
Part 392
Driving of Commercial Motor Vehicles or fatigued operator$201 B and other substances$204.50 C prohibition$204.50 C inspection$126 B load$151 B conditions$151 B to wear a seat belt$63 A signals$126 B or reflectors obscured$126 B persons not to be transported$126 B detector$126 B of Electronic Devices While Operating CMV$ 153.50 C C.F.R.
Part 393
Parks and Accessories Necessary for Safe Operation not operable$126 B placement$126 B reflective sheeting$126 B lamp reflector combination$126 B hazardous warning signals$126 B combination of light devises and reflectors$126 B head lamps, auxiliary driving lamps or front fog lamps$126 B wiring not safely or properly installed$126 B required on all wheels$151 B breakaway and emergency braking$151 B front brake line protection$201 B hose contacting high temperature source$151 B brake tubing$151 B tubing and hose connections$151 B lining unsafe$201 B not operative$201 B signals, air pressure and vacuum gauges$151 B or inoperable anti-lock brake systems$201 B condition$151 B line hanging$201 B leaking$151 B wheel not secure$151 B chains$151 B coupling devices and towing methods$151 B restriction$126 B windshield wipers$126 B rear vision mirrors$126 B horn$126 B or inoperable speedometer$126 B location$126 B leaking/discharging into cab$126 B impact guards$126 B requirements on projecting loads$151 B fire extinguisher$126 B devices for stopped vehicles$151 B against loss of load$151 B against shifting of load$151 B criteria for cargo securement devices and systems$151 B securement devices and systems$151 B for securing articles of cargo$151 B load limit of a tiedown or the load restraining value of a friction mat$151 B number of tiedowns$151 B to have adjustable tiedowns$151 B end structures used as part of a cargo securement system$151 B for securing logs$151 B rules for securing dressed lumber or similar building products$151 B for securing metal coils$151 B for securing paper rolls$151 B for securing concrete pipes$151 B for securing intermodal containers$151 B for securing automobiles, light trucks and vans$151 B for securing heavy vehicles, equipment and machinery$151 B for securing crushed or flat vehicles$151 B for securing roll-on/roll-off or hook lift containers$151 B for securing large boulders$151 B cracked, loose, sagging or broken$126 B and body components$126 B or wheels cracked or broken$126 B have studs/nuts/bolts missing or loose$126 B cracked, broken, loose, missing or not aligned$126 B spring broken$126 B cracked or broken$126 B wheel lash$126 B C.F.R.
Part 395
Hours of Service hour rule$201 B hour rule$201 B 60 hours in 7 days$201 B 70 hours in 8 days$201 B of false log$201 B not current$201 B copy of duty status for past 7 days$201 B after OOS$204.50 C on-board recording device$201 B C.F.R.
Part 396
Inspection, Repair and Maintenance and Out-Of-Service Vehicle$204.50 C to deliver inspection report as required$128.50 C to correct defects on prior inspection report$253.50 C to certify corrections on inspection report$128.50 C Annual Inspection$201 B C.F.R.
Part 397
Transportation of Hazardous Materials, Driving and Parking Rules and Surveillance$204.50 C$204.50 C$204.50 C$204.50 C$204.50 C$204.50 C and Documents$204.50 C radioactive materials$204.50 C  Unlawful acts by interstate motor fuel users$147.50 C  Operating without motor fuel permit$ 61 C