Court Services

Overland Park Court Services is licensed by the Kansas Department of Aging and Disability Services, Community Services and Programs, Behavioral Health Services to provide DUI evaluations and alcohol and drug assessment and referral services. The program also provides court supervision and monitoring services.

Substance abuse evaluations and pre-sentence evaluations

Our evaluators have both national and state certifications, and provide professional, thorough and cost effective evaluations used by courts and treatment agencies throughout Kansas. Evaluations are provided to the court for sentencing, probation and diversion, and treatment referral purposes.

Monitoring and supervision

Probation officers are assigned a caseload of individuals placed on diversion, probation or parole by a judge. Individuals who are court-ordered to be supervised by a probation officer must report to the office and provide proof of compliance with all of the conditions assigned by a judge.

Referral to education/treatment programs

Structured classes are provided in subject areas, including drug and alcohol abuse, tobacco use, anger control and theft

Community Outreach

The majority of persons supervised by Court Services have come to the court as a result of drug and alcohol related offenses. The staff is uniquely qualified to serve the community through projects that target the prevention of drug/alcohol abuse.