Appealing a Conviction

Anyone found guilty in Municipal Court has a right to appeal the conviction to the Johnson County District Courts.

To appeal, you must post bond and file a proper notice with a Municipal Court clerk. You have 14 days after a conviction to file this notice, which can be picked up from the Court Clerk's Office at the W. Jack Sanders Justice Center, 12400 Foster.

You must either:

  1. Post an appearance bond, or
  2. Pay all fines and begin serving any jail term imposed on the same day the verdict is issued.

In District Court, you are entitled to a trial de novo, or a whole new trial as though the Municipal Court trial had never taken place. It takes about two or three months for an appeal case to be heard by the District Court.

Your appeal bond receipt sets forth the time and place for the first appearance in District Court. If you fail to appear at that time, or any other time during the course of the appeal, your appearance bond will be forfeited and the case will be returned to the Municipal Court for execution of the fine and sentence that were initially imposed.