Coronavirus Update

In conjunction with Kansas and Johnson County reopening plans, some City facilities are scheduled to reopen soon. Others will remain closed until further notice.

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Agendas + Minutes

City Council, City Council Committee + Planning Commission Meetings

Overland Park is pleased to introduce a new portal for agendas, minutes, and videos of City Council, City Council Committee, and Planning Commission meetings.

The portal provides these resources for meetings beginning in December 2019.

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Agendas and minutes for meetings prior to December 2019 can be found below.

Board, Commission + Committee Meetings

Agendas for board, commission, and committee meetings are available below.

To find an agenda or item at a meeting from a specific date, set your date parameters and search for “meetings within” the specific window of time. Use the “meeting type” dropdown menu to sort by agenda and meeting type. To search for a specific item on an agenda, use the “items” tab.

In most cases, there is an online option that opens additional windows, and a PDF download option for each agenda. Legal minutes are available several weeks after the meeting.