Planning Commission

The Planning Commission holds public hearings and makes recommendations for final action to the Governing Body for rezoning, special use permits and preliminary development plans.

The 11-member commission, appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Governing Body, also considers all applications for final development plans and plats, prepares the Comprehensive Plan and reviews the Capital Improvements Program.

Planning Commission meetings generally are held at 1:30 p.m., the second Monday of every month in the Council Chamber of City Hall, 8500 Santa Fe Drive. The public is welcome.

Agendas & Minutes

The following tools can be helpful if you're looking for information related to development proposals or other Planning Commission items:

Planning Commission Members

The Planning Commission has 11 members. One seat is currently vacant.

Thomas Robinett, Chair
Rob Krewson, Vice Chair

Mike Flanagan
David M. Hill
Tom Lance
George Lund
Edward “Ned” Reitzes
Kim Sorensen
Janie Thacker
Steve Troester

Planning Commission Committees

The Planning Commission has four standing committees that represent major areas of responsibility of the Planning Commission. Each Planning Commissioner serves on at least one committee. The Planning Commission Chair appoints the committee membership annually. Each committee meets on an as-needed basis.

In the event no applications are submitted by the applicable deadline for a regular meeting, the Chair may cancel the meeting. In such event, the Secretary shall cause a cancellation notice to be sent to all committee members and all other persons requesting notice.

Comprehensive Plan Committee

The Comprehensive Plan Committee provides oversight to staff in the development of the Comprehensive Plan Work Program and the completion of the work program tasks, especially the annual amendments to the Comprehensive Plan. The Committee then makes recommendations to the Planning Commission regarding the annual amendments to the Comprehensive Plan. See agendas for the Comprehensive Plan Committee.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the current Chair, Vice-Chair and most recent past Chair of the Planning Commission. The Committee is responsible for reviewing the by-laws and standing rules of the Commission for approval by the full Commission and coordinates with the Planning Commission Secretary on issues of strategic importance to the functioning of the Planning Commission. See agendas for the Executive Committee.

Ordinance Review Committee

The Ordinance Review Committee reviews ordinance amendment proposals with staff prior to consideration by the full Commission. Ordinance amendments may be proposed by the City Council, the Planning Commission or city staff. See agendas for the Ordinance Review Committee.

Site Plan Review Committee

The Site Plan Review Committee makes recommendations to the Planning Commission on matters relating to site planning and architectural details of development proposals. Items may be recommended for Committee review by the City Council, the Planning Commission or city staff. See agendas for the site plan review committee.